Aaron's Party (Come Get It)

Aaron Carter

Aaron's Party (Come Get It) is American pop singer Aaron Carter's follow-up to his international debut album. Singles included the title track, "I Want Candy," and "That's How I Beat Shaq."

"Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" album by Aaron Carter

Release Date: 

September 26, 2000

Track List: 

1. "Introduction: Come To The Party"
2. "Aaron's Party (Come Get It)"
3. "I Want Candy"
4. "Bounce"
5. "My Internet Girl"
6. "That's How I Beat Shaq"
7. "The Clapping Song"
8. "Iko Iko"
9. "Real Good Time"
10. "Tell Me What You Want"
11. "Girl You Shine"
12. "Big Bad 'Shine-y' Beat Box"

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