Get A Grip


Get A Grip is the 11th studio album by Aerosmith. It was released on Geffen records and produced by Bruce Fairbairn. The album contains the hit singles Livin' On The Edge and Cryin'.

"Get A Grip" album by Aerosmith

Release Date: 

April 20, 1993

Track List: 

1. "Intro"
2. "Eat the Rich"
3. "Get a Grip"
4. "Fever"
5. "Livin' on the Edge"
6. "Flesh"
7. "Walk on Down"
8. "Shut Up and Dance"
9. "Cryin'"
10. "Gotta Love It"
11. "Crazy"
12. "Line Up" (feat Lenny Kravitz)
13. "Can't Stop Messin'"
14. "Amazing"
15. "Boogie Man" (Instrumental)

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