Boyz II Men

"Evolution" album by Boyz II Men

Release Date: 

September 23, 1997

Track List: 

1. "Doin' Just Fine"
2. "Never"
3. "4 Seasons Of Loneliness"
4. "Girl In The Life Magazine"
5. "A Song For Mama"
6. "Can You Stand The Rain"
7. "Can't Let Her Go"
8. "Baby C'mon"
9. "Come On"
10. "All Night Long"
11. "Human II (Don't Turn Your Back On Me)"
12. "To The Limit"
13. "Dear God"
14. "Just Hold On" (Japanese Edition)
15. "I Can Love You" (Japanese Edition)
16. "Can't Let Her Go" (Original Mix feat. Driver)
17. "Wishes"

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This album did not or has not yet charted in the top 50