Death Magnetic


Death Magnetic is the ninth studio album by the heavy metal band Metallica, and their first in five years. It is also the first Metallica album with bass player Robert Trujillo.

Singles from the album included The Day That Never Comes and Cyanide.

Death Magnetic debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 in September of 2008 and was produced by Rick Rubin.

"Death Magnetic" album by Metallica

Release Date: 

September 10, 2008

Track List: 

1. "That Was Just Your Life"
2. "The End Of The Line"
3. "Broken, Beat & Scarred"
4. "The Day That Never Comes"
5. "All Nightmare Long"
6. "Cyanide"
7. "The Unforgiven III"
8. "The Judas Kiss"
9. "Suicide & Redemption"
10. "My Apocalypse"

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