Ocean Eyes

Owl City

Ocean Eyes is the third album by synthpop act Owl City, and the album that contains the breakout hit by Owl City "Fireflies."

The album was produced by Adam Young, Steve Bursky and Matthew Thiessen of Relient K. Thiessen sings on several tracks.

"Ocean Eyes" album by Owl City

Release Date: 

July 28, 2009

Track List: 

1. "Cave In"
2. "The Bird And The Worm"
3. "Hello Seattle"
4. "Umbrella Beach"
5. "The Saltwater Room"
6. "Dental Care"
7. "Meteor Shower"
8. "On The Wing"
9. "Fireflies"
10. "The Tip Of The Iceberg"
11. "Vanilla Twilight"
12. "Tidal Wave"

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