Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" Soundtrack

Release Date: 

December 16, 2016

Track List: 

1. "He's Here For Us (A Krennic Condition)"
2. "A Long Ride Ahead (Jyn and Scare it)"
3. "Wobani Imperial Labor Camp (Jyncarcerated)"
4. "Trust Goes Both Ways (Going to See Saw)"
5. "When Has Become Now (That New Death Star Smell)"
6. "Jedha Arrival (Jedha Call Saw)"
7. "Jedha City Ambush (When Ambush Comes to Shove)"
8. "Star-Dust (Erso Facto)"
9. "Confrontation on Eadu (Go Do, That Eadu, That You Do, So Well)"
10. "Krennic's Aspirations (Have a Choke and Smile)"
11. "Rebellions Are Built on Hope (Erso in Vain)"
12. "Rogue One (Takes One to Rogue One)"
13. "Cargo Shuttle SW-0608 (World's Worst Vacation Destination)"
14. "Scrambling the Rebel Fleet (Scarif Tactics)"
15. "AT-ACT Assault (Bazed and Confused)"
16. "The Master Switch (Switch Hunt)"
17. "Your Father Would Be Proud (Transmission Impossible)"
18. "Hope (Live and Let Jedi)"
19. "Jyn Erso and Hope Suite"
20. "The Imperial Suite"
21. "Guardians of the Whills Suite"

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Peak Position: #29
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