The Band Perry

The Band Perry

The Band Perry is the self-titled debut album of the American country music group The Band Perry. Released in October of 2010, the album includes five songs from the band's digital EP The Band Perry EP. The album was produced by Nathan Chapman and Paul Worley and contains the band's first hit single "If I Die Young."

"The Band Perry" album by The Band Perry

Release Date: 

October 12, 2010

Track List: 

1. "You Lie"
2. "Hip To My Heart"
3. "If I Die Young"
4. "All Your Life"
5. "Miss You Being Gone"
6. "Double Heart"
7. "Postcard From Paris"
8. "Walk Me Down The Middle"
9. "Independence"
10. "Quittin' You"
11. "Lasso"

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