Everything Will Be Alright In The End


"Everything Will Be Alright In The End" album by Weezer

Release Date: 

October 7, 2014

Track List: 

1. "Ain't Got Nobody"
2. "Back to the Shack"
3. "Eulogy for a Rock Band"
4. "Lonely Girl"
5. "I've Had It Up to Here"
6. "The British Are Coming"
7. "Da Vinci"
8. "Go Away"
9. "Cleopatra"
10. "Foolish Father"
11. "The Futurescope Trilogy: I. The Waste Land"
12. "The Futurescope Trilogy: II. Anonymous"
13. "The Futurescope Trilogy: III. Return to Ithaka"

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Peak Position: #5
Number of Weeks in Top 50: 2